The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) is excited to present an innovative lineup of industry and academic leaders in STEM for our 2019 Innovation and Inclusion Summit and Awards Ceremony on April 24, 2019, at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC. This event gathers over 250 of the most influential leaders in science and technology to further conversation, connect powerful ideas, recognize our awardees’ accomplishments, and celebrate women in STEM.

Pinnacle Award

Honoring an individual’s lifetime of innovative achievements in STEM and commitment to workplace diversity.

Carol W. Greider, PhD, is the 2019 AWIS Pinnacle Award Winner. She is the Daniel Nathans Professor, and Director of Molecular Biology and Genetics and a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University. In 2009, Dr. Greider shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for her discovery of telomerase, a key enzyme in age related disease and cancer. Dr. Greider continues to receive national recognition for her scientific work and is the recipient of many other awards and honors. Dr. Greider has been an AWIS member since 2003.

Leadership Award

Commending an experienced STEM leader for fostering a high representation of women in leadership and supportive workplace policies.

Freda C. Lewis-Hall, MD, DFAPA, is Pfizer’s Executive Vice President and Chief Patient Officer. During her 35-year career, Dr. Lewis-Hall has been on the frontlines of health care from the standpoints of a clinician, a researcher, and a leader in the biopharmaceuticals and life sciences industries.

Next Generation Award

Highlighting an early career leader in STEM who is a visible and vocal advocate for diversity and inclusive scientific practices.

Mareena Robinson Snowden, PhD, is Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Her research focuses on nuclear arms control verification sufficiency, nonproliferation and modernization. Dr. Robinson Snowden became the first African American woman to earn a PhD in nuclear engineering from MIT in 2017 and holds a BS in physics from Florida A&M University. Her story in STEM has been featured in MARVEL Comics, CNBC, BET and other national television, radio and print media.

2019 Advisory Committee Chairs

Susan Windham-Bannister, PhD

Susan Windham-Bannister, PhD

President, AWIS National Governing Board, Managing Director, Biomedical Innovation Advisors, LLC, President and CEO, Biomedical Growth Strategies, LLC

Bahija Jallal, PhD

Bahija Jallal, PhD

Immediate Past President of AWIS President, MedImmune and Executive Vice President of AstraZeneca

A full list of committee members can be viewed here.

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What Others are Saying

"Even though heterogeneity is the key ingredient to success—with diverse teams being more productive and creative than non-diverse teams, it’s all for not if the members of those diverse teams don’t feel their differences are celebrated or valued. We need both, diversity and inclusion to reach our full potential."

Benjamin Fiore-Walker, PhD

Benjamin Fiore-Walker, PhD, Manager, Department of Diversity Programs American Chemical Society, Supporting Sponsor

"A diversity of backgrounds, skills, thoughts and experiences is essential to fostering innovation in STEM. This summit will bring together leaders in science and technology to share ideas for promoting greater diversity in STEM fields and creating the inclusive environment needed to drive tomorrow's breakthroughs."

Sara Kenkare-Mitra, PhD

Sara Kenkare-Mitra, PhD, Senior Vice President of Development Sciences Genentech, Presenting Sponsor

“STEAM industries are driving our future, and we demand a seat at the table. Wonder Women Tech aims to provide a platform for women and underrepresented groups in STEAM fields to network, mentor, share stories and empower each other.”

Lisa Mae Brunson

Lisa Mae Brunson, Founder and CEO Wonder Women Tech

"Efforts to elevate and amplify the voices of women will continue to be critical in cultivating and sustaining an inclusive technical community... I am grateful to AWIS for leading in this work and for this tremendous honor."

Mareena Robinson Snowden, PhD

Mareena Robinson Snowden, PhD, Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

"Women control 85% of consumer spending power, yet 91% of women feel misunderstood by advertisers. We call that a market opportunity."

Bethany Quinn

Bethany Quinn, Cofounder and CEO Street Investors Exchange

"Inclusivity and equity in STEM is not just about the success of the scientific enterprise, it is also about offering economic opportunities to underserved communities."

Ramón Barthelemy, PhD

Ramón Barthelemy, PhD, STEM Equity Consultant Solutions for Policy


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Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium

1301 Constitution Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20240

1667 K Street NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20006
(202) 588-8175

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